Saturday, 18 May 2013

Knitting time

Ok it is officially cold, the heater is on, washing hanging on the clothes horse, soup cooking on the stove, and the wool stash closely examined for knitting projects.

First cab off the rank- these mitts have actually been in the making for a while. (I think the wool was purchased last year!) and mostly made at Easter, with my 8 year old niece following me around begging me to teach her how to knit! We did sit down for a lesson or two, and she is still going! Full of holes, but she took to it and had added a few more rows ( and a few more holes) when I visited last weekend.
Anyway, back to the mitts. Black acrylic yarn, & a ball of black with a green fleck from the Yarn Barn. For my 11 year old nephew. Next up are mitts for his 8 year old sister (she of the knitting lessons). Knitted in about 2 nights. Mitts are a great, quick project! And a great gift for kids!

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