Monday, 20 May 2013

Op shop Love at first sight...

The photo does not show the colour very well, but when I spotted this vintage look, pale mint green, woollen winter coat (size 12) at the op shop on Friday, I had to have it! Luckily it fits - over a t-shirt, not room for too many layers underneath. I bought my favourite grey woollen coat at the same shop last year (or maybe the year before) and just as then, it was starting to rain so I wore the coat out out of the shop! Even in close up, just can't get the colour right, it is actually quite lovely...

Had a quick visit to the Thornbury Suitcase rummage market yesterday on the way to Northland to try & find clothes for the rest of the family. Where can you buy clothes for skinny blokes? The 12 y/o has legs up to his armpits but is skinny as, too tall for kids' jeans, but too skinny for men's wear! Won't look at coloured jeans, or anything with a label/print on it. I swear I could open a shop tomorrow catering for skinny blokes & boys, & sell out straight away!

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