Monday, 17 March 2014

The MOST comfy and practical skirt EVER!

Reading about the Grainline Moss skirt on various blogs lately, especially Beccasaurus' description of the non flappy front pockets, got me thinking. I love a pocket, but have never ventured to make more then a patch pocket. Time to be brave and make proper pockets in a skirt! So using a combination of these 2 patterns -

I drafted a pattern to make this denim skirt. Which has pretty much gone on high rotation ever since! So pleased with the pockets! I can carry my phone, keys, pen etc. - super handy for work, and especially for school pick up- I don't need to carry a bag, like I do with most of my other skirts!
I used the idea from the Moss to attach the internal pocket lining into the front seam so they don't flap about.

But I didn't put in a zip - I opted for the comfort factor of a "yoga waitband". And yes, I have tried it out and worn the skirt ALL DAY - like 8 in the morning until bed time! And it well and truly passes the comfy test. Skirt is made from stretch denim, which also contributes to the ultra wear-ability. So I have 2 more cut out ready to be made, and plans for more. I will see how I go getting some sewing time in today before I have to go to out this afternoon!

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