Sunday, 27 April 2014

Hooked on fishing

Over the school holidays we went to Torquay, twice. The boys went fishing, caught a fish each, and now they are totally hooked! After the first fishing trip, we came home and they dragged all the fishing gear out of the shed, and got the fishing books off the bookshelf, and studied fishing.
When I say "the boys" I mean all 3 of course, although my H has always enjoyed fishing, we have been waiting for the boys to get interested. Of course the act of catching, cleaning, cooking and eating the fish it what it is all about, and what finally got them hooked. After the first trip, before we packed the gear for the next weekend (Easter), there was some sewing to be done -

We had one fishing rod bag I had made years ago, but the boys decided they needed one each, to carry and store the rods, as well as reducing any tangling in the car. Luckily I just happened to have 2 different camo fabrics in the stash, so they have a new fishing rod bag each. Now we just need to find where the fish are biting!

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