Thursday, 10 April 2014

Loom craft

Look what my clever nearly -eleven-year-old niece has been making -

Rainbow rubber band craft seems to have taken over primary schools everywhere! I even saw some dropped bands on the ground in the yard at Victorian College for the Deaf when I was there for a meeting last week, which must be extra tricky for the kids there to sign and make bands at the same time, flying fingers indeed!
I thought there must be a book out - 'cos all the youtube videos the kids are watching are chewing through our download! - and luckily found this one locally at Collins Books on Puckle St., Moonee Ponds yesterday. I found it via Amazon first, all the reviews were good, then checked the Collins website, because we were heading over that way anyway. And they had it in stock! I ended up buying 3 copies! ( for friends etc)
Great activity for kids -boys and girls, got to appreciate anything that gets them thinking and creating! Plus with this constant rain at the moment, it is a terrific indoor activity! And me - I have got some sewing done lately, but keep forgetting to take photos!

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  1. Fascinating! I hadn't seen this craft, not having any primary school-ers in my life. Looks like something I would have enjoyed at that age!

    1. It's great to see so many kids- girls and boys- making stuff! My 10 year old as mastered all the patterns in the book already, I think the instructions & patterns appeal because he is into maths " and maths s patterns Mum" as he told me! ( next step is to teach him to knit I think!)


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