Friday, 6 June 2014

Knitted Calamari, anyone?

A lovely friend who well knows my weakness for books, and all things crafty and quirky gave me the book "Knit the city" for Christmas last year. The book is a photo story about yarn bombing in London, and features a couple of knitting patterns featured in the book. I just had to try the "finger fighting stitched squid" pattern.

I followed the pattern for the first one ( on the left) and even made the tentacles a few stitches longer than suggested, but compared to the photo in the book, they do look a bit short. So I just had to make another one with longer tentacles ( squid on the right). Result- a much more satisfying squid look. The 10 year old was so impressed, he has decided he wants one for himself BUT then said "Don't make one for me Mum, you have to show me how to knit, I want to make it MYSELF". Ok! He has not shown any interest before when I have offered to teach him or his brother how to knit, but then I had not known the magic powers of The SQUID!
So it looks like we need to find time for a knitting lesson this weekend!

And I started another project ( oops, that makes 3 knitting projects on the go at once!) when I finished the 2nd squid and thought hmmm- could I modify the pattern to make an octopus....?

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