Sunday, 1 June 2014

Pascoe Vale Spinners and Weavers show, 2014

Photos from the show on Saturday. Those spinners and weavers are an amazingly talented lot. Love this funky pompom covered chair?
How I didn't notice it when I first walked in the door is beyond me, but then again, maybe it was because I was admiring all the other wonderful woolly creations on display-

I do like the style of the brown slouchy beanie shown below, as did my friend Janine who bought a pink/ purple/ blue version from the show.
I particularly love the colours of this granny square throw rug, and seriously thought about going back to the show again today to see if it was still for sale! ( I really must learn to crochet!)

And how gorgeous are the colours of these granny cushions! I particularly like the summery colours of the front one.
As always, a beautiful and inspiring show. I resisted the urge to buy some hand spun, hand dyed wool; and just managed to resist buying a granny rug. In fact the one item I did buy (an upcoming birthday gift, not shown here), while handmade, it neither knitted nor made of wool!

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