Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Drape neck top- New Look 6108

I have been looking for a drape/ cowl neck top for a while. I saw a top in Myer a while back during a school holiday afternoon shopping session with my sister. I traced a pattern from a Burda magazine at the library, but wasn't quite game enough to actually try it out.
Then I ducked into Anh's fabrics in Sydney Road on Monday, and discovered New Look 6108. The lovely lady in the shop suggested I look through the box of patterns ( paper stapled together, no colour envelope) - I had looked all through the stand of patterns, but had never looked in the box before. Not sure why they have no covers, but there were a few interesting patterns in there, plus they are only $2 each!
A quick google search turned up some positive reviews- and photos- plus I found the pattern for sale on ebay, so took a screen shot of the cover pic and printed it out so I now have the front cover pic, and more importantly, the back cover with fabric sizes listed.

I already had some fabric at home - just enough to squeeze a top out of, traced off a pattern cut it out, and got the overlocker out for the first time this year!

Of course, the weather then plummeted and it was too darn cold to wear it yesterday! Trying it out today - with a jacket! Planning on redrafting pattern to make one with kimono sleeve- mash up of the Maria Denmark free kimono sleeve top & this top. Might play around with drawing it up at craft group tonight!

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  1. It's a bargain AND it looks great! Hopefully there are a few warm days left in Autumn so you'll have a chance to wear it.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. Wore it on Wednesday with a jacket! Re drafting the pattern didn't quite work, except to make the shoulders wider- they end up only about half the size one the pleat is put in & the facing piece attached.


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