Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Childhood recipe

Every now and then I think of a recipe my Mum used to make, and wonder if I can find it/ recreate it. I am always looking for another slice recipe for the school lunchboxes, and remembered this one from my childhood-

Apparently I even typed it up on the typewriter when I was young! ( much to the bemusement of the 11 year old, who asked " what is that, was that made with a typewriter?!")
Note how I started typing, made too many mistakes, and started again. Still plenty of typex used though! The little paper white - out strips were a big improvement on the bottle & brush liquid white out. Much easier typing on the iPad these days!

I reduced the sugar content in the slice, because it already has a fair bit of honey in it. And I tend to use melted chocolate, or a chocolate ganache instead of icing these days. Chocolate tastes better and actually has less sugar, since icing sugar is straight sugar! I'm not jumping on the anti sugar bandwagon, just gone off the taste of sickly sweet icing on cakes etc. And it tastes yum!

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