Saturday, 18 April 2015

Trade secrets...

I like to sew, but I don't have much time to do it. Or more to the point, I don't have much room to sew in - a little corner in my tiny laundry ( which is also the walkway to the back door). And the kitchen table around the corner for cutting out and setting up the overlocker. So I tend to wait until the rest of the family is at school/ work, and use my one day off a week to sew ( hmm, that should really be " my one day of not going to my paying job"!). Which ends up being a few hours squeezed in between school drop off, sorting out the dinner plans for the week, grocery shopping, a load or two of washing, baking for the lunch boxes, returning the library books, and school pick up. Phew! Suddenly a whole day's sewing is looking like 3 hours at best.

So I like taking shortcuts, wherever possible. If I can get a couple of things cut out beforehand on another day, that helps big time if I can skimp on ironing, even better. And pins - who needs pins when there are clothes pegs?

I saw a review of some new clover brand plastic clips for sewing - probably for quilting I think. I liked the idea, and went on the hunt for a similar ( but cheaper!) alternative. I was hoping to find some small plastic pegs ( my Mum had some years ago she used for pegging notes & letters together). I haven't found any small pegs yet, but did find these colourful plastic pegs in a local bargain shop.

I had been using wooden pegs for holding fabric together before sewing on the overlocker ( mainly because I am so paranoid about running a pin through the overlocker causing all sorts of disaster and chaos!) But sometimes the timber is a bit rough and snags the fabric. These little beauties have a rubbery insert, so no rough edges any more! I will keep looking for small plastic pegs, but in the meantime I like these cute bright colours!

PS 3 new t shirts sewn up last week - inc. stripes above. Must remember to take some pics to post.

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