Monday, 27 April 2015

April sewing projects part 1

Here are the 3 t shirts made this month so far. Definitely works well to cut out a couple at a time, then sew them all up on the overlocker another day ie. when no one else is home and I can take over the kitchen table!

Skirt at top scoop neck tee (free pattern) so quick and easy to make, so nice & comfy to wear! Fabric $4 metre from GJ's last year.

Another free and favourite pattern - Peppermint magazine jersey tee. Made with 3/4 ish sleeves. Fabric from Anne's fabrics Brunswick, about $6 per m. Made one last year in green version of same fabric.

Then a mash up of both aforementioned patterns - scoop neckline with peppermint tee.

Do you like my new model? Gives a bit more shape than just a boring old clothes hanger. It is a plastic half torso model thingy, found it on a naturestrip last year when someone was moving house - and only just remembered & put to use now! Very handy for photos.

2 more tee's sewn up today ( again, a scoop & a peppermint... My standard go- to stretch patterns. Have also cut out a Mandy Boat tee - just procrastinating about tackling the twin needle neck line now though!)

Also managed to squeeze in a couple of other sewing projects this week, more on that next post... but for now I really must get back to the fabric on the kitchen table before the starving children arrive home from school and need the table for afternoon tea, homework etc.!

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  1. That's a lovely bunch of t-shirts making good use of your new model. I like the look of the backdrop, too - it's nice and rustic!

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. Thanks Katie, the "model" is very handy and holds up better in a breeze than a coat hanger - I swear the breeze always picks up the second I decide to try to take a photo! The rustic backdrop is part of the wall (formerly a door) on our 3 wall shed/shelter in the backyard, made from leftovers from the old shed which used to take up about a third of the yard (and now " the shack" as it is known, is about 1/3 the size of the original shed!).

  2. Thanks Helen! I think I am getting the hang of them now! Next project - make a multicoloured tee from a mix of left over bits!


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