Sunday, 3 May 2015

April sewing part 2

Here is the Mandy Boat tee I made last week-

I like the shape and style BUT I am just not quite sure about the neckline. Most of the tees I have been making have lower/looser necklines, I can really just get the Mandy tee over my head, and can feel the tee sitting against my collarbone. Having said that, I have already cut out another one - but with a slightly wider and lower neckline.

I also FINALLY got around to making a new bag. I made a green and navy one last year
- which I use all the time, but since I tend to wear a lot of blue and green (and sometimes both together!) I really needed a similar bag but in another colourway. So I made this new one in black with a cute red & white polka dot lining.
I put a zip pocket inside, and made a new sunglasses cover and mini pencil case too- I had 2 days of PD in the city this week, so thought it would be nice to have a new bag to take! The pencil case will be handy to take to craft group too.

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  1. Love the bag in particular! What pattern did you use for it?

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. Thanks! According to the post I wrote last year when I made the blue & green bag, I used the free " market bag" pattern from Peppermint magazine...just as well I wrote about it because I had completely and utterly forgotten which ( if any ) pattern I used! Also the books " Sew what - bags" and " You sew girl" are very handy references when making bags.


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