Thursday, 14 May 2015

Chicken soup...

...and honey, lemon & ginger drinks.

Yep, that's the kind of week I have had this week. Made a batch of easy peasey chicken noodle soup on Friday because some of us were in need of chicken soup. Then I woke up Saturday morning with no voice - for the next FIVE DAYS!!! Lucky the 11 year old knows some signing & is pretty good at reading finger-spelling ( he was actually disappointed yesterday when I picked him up from school & said my voice had come back, because he wanted to practice more signing to get a Scouts badge!).

This is the world's quickest & easiest chicken soup, loosely based on a Donna Hay recipe. No special ingredients- everything came from the fridge/ pantry/ freezer.

Heat 1litre chicken stock in large pot/ saucepan.
Add a cinnamon stick or 2, a big spoonfull of minced ginger ( or fresh, but like I said, this is the easy version, we always have a jar of garlic & a jar of ginger in the fridge).
Bring to boil for 5 mins, then add 1-2 chicken breasts ( fresh, or quickly thawed from the freezer!). Cook 5-10mins til chicken is cooked.
Remove chicken, shred, return to pot with finely chopped carrot (1 or 2) and a couple of chopped spring onions. You can add in other veges, like a grated zucchini, frozen peas & corn, beans etc. But I didn't have a zucchini so just used what was in the fridge - carrots & spring onions!
Return to boil & simmer 5-10 mins or until carrot is cooked/ people are getting hungry/ noodles are ready.
Meanwhile- boil kettle & soak / cook 1-2 noodle cakes of 2-minute type noodles.
When noodles are ready, place a serve of noodles on bowl & ladle soup over. I find if you put the noodles in the soup to cook they go too soggy - especially if there are left overs, the noodles soak up all the broth. So I put the left over soup (not that there was very much!) into a separate container from the noodles to store in the fridge until the next day.

Plus - on Doctors orders! I have been drinking a few of these-

I don't drink tea ( yuck!) or coffee ( although I love coffee flavoured cakes etc.) but I found this at the supermarket a couple of years ago. There is NO TEA in it - just ginger & lemon peel! I have to add a good spoonful of honey ( home grown & harvested my in laws) and I usually have to add some cold water to cool it enough to drink! And how cute is the little red bird on the tea bag tag?! It has certainly done the trick - after 5 days of no voice, aching legs, tiredness and not doing much other than sitting on the couch (with a little bit of sewing & knitting to keep my brain ticking!) I am definitely feeling better. Maybe even ready to tackle a brand new sewing challenge...

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