Monday, 11 May 2015

April sewing Pt 2

Oops - I am falling behind with taking photos of my latest sewing. Have made 2-3 new tops ( including a new Mandy boat tee) but still need to take some pics.

Another sewing project I did remember to photograph was a special birthday project for my niece's 12 birthday. She requested a new iPad case - in purple- which I bought from e-bay (her iPad is an older iPad 2 like mine, and most bricks & mortar shops tend to only stock covers for current models & minis). But of course, just a cover was not enough. I figured she needed a bag to carry it in. Also purple of course. And I decided that a bit of bling wouldn't go astray, so...

The main body of the bag is a dark purple velveteen furnishing fabric found at Rathdowne remnants. The " bling" came from an Indian fabric shop in Glenroy - bought a while back for another project, but hadn't used it yet. Added in a couple more bits of braid from GJ's. There is a zip pocket inside - yet to master zip pockets, so it is far from perfect but does the job hopefully. Strap is made from bag webbing bought from You Sew Girl back when Nicole still had her studio/ shop in Northcote.

I also made a pinata for the birthday party - hmmm, can't find a photo here at the moment... Have to transfer one from my phone later. But basically, I made a giant Wonka chocolate bar, since the party had a Willie Wonka chocolate factory theme!

And last but not least, I made a new knitted necklace - based on a pattern in a book from the library.

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