Monday, 18 May 2015

A t-shirt or two: May sewing round up.

Making the most of the lovely sunshine we have had over the last couple of days, I quickly snapped my most recent t- shirts/ tops. I have been trying ( unofficially) to complete "Me made May" for the first time, and have usually managed to wear a top and/ or skirt I have made each day of May so far, usually with a me- made necklace too.
*** Well almost each day, when I woke up last weekend with no voice and feeling none too brilliant, I grabbed the closest warm comfy (read "daggy") clothes I could find without giving much thought to what I was wearing!***

Mandy boat tee - the fabric ( Super Cheap in Brunswick) has a lovely neat finish on the selvedge edge, so I cut the sleeves out to use the selvedge as the cuff edge.

There was just enough fabric left ( actually a nice dark cobalt blue, weird how both photos look very different yet only taken 5 minutes apart!)- to make a kimono sleeve top, to wear over a long sleeved t- shirt.

Mandy boat t - woven knit from Super Cheap I think, or Anne's - bought last year. Sleeves are too long & fabric too heavy so the neck stretches & hangs too loose BUT I will wear it as a comfy jumper top over a t shirt!

Long sleeved t - fabric from Super Cheap I think, or maybe an offcut from Rathdowne remnants. I like the colour and the crinkly look. Plus a scarf sewn from a pattern found online when having a random net surf last week.

Yet another Skirt as Top scoop neck t- this time with a slightly longer sleeve drop, higher neck and wider neck band. Yet to be worn this one, still deciding if the leopard print is me or not!

And another 2 scoops- ( actually made back on March & April these 2) brown floral print from R R; blue an op shop remnant, had to piece it together at the back to squeeze enough fabric out!

The system of cutting a couple of tops out in one session, then sewing 2-3 up another day, works quite well - feels more productive to be able to just sit and sew, plus easier to work around the rest of the household.

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