Monday, 31 August 2015

Vintage op shop treasure!

I made a detour on the way home from work recently, and visited an op shop I haven't been to for about a year. And I found the most gorgeous vintage jacket-

The label stitched inside the front of the jacket tells its own story-

Made in the UK, the jacket was then purchased at the " Buckley & Nunn" store in Melbourne. I have been trying to find some history of the manufacturer/ designer "Richard Baker", and to date the jacket ( which is in near new condition! I had it dry cleaned, had to stop & think where to find a dry cleaners as I can not remember the last time I ever had any thing dry cleaned!).
Anyway, all I have been able to find so far is an advertisement in "The Age" from 1970 - and the diamond/ chevron pattern in the illustration looks fairly similar to my " new" jacket really...will have to keep searching & see if I can unearth any more info!

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