Saturday, 5 September 2015

Spring Op Shop bounty

I visited one if my favourite op shops the other day, I don't think I have managed to get there for about 6 months, but it was certainly worth the trip. Not that the shop is a long distance away, just a little bit of a detour, but I have to allow enough time to get there on the way home from work and still be back in time for school pick up!
And what did I find? from left-

I vintage green print sheet for future craft projects; 2 navy sheets I will use to make throw covers and curtains to cover open shelves at work ( having the contents - musical instruments- on view is proving a little too tempting for the toddlers at play group!); a piece of floaty, sheer fabric ( can't think what the proper name is just now) to use at playgroup - floaty scarves to wave to music probably;a cute spotty scarf and stripey grey scarf (I have gone from having only 1 pashima- style scarf to a collection of about 5 now, all op shop finds); 2 t-shirt patterns; and a doily ( another craft project, more on that next post!).
I have been finding a lot of great DVD's at op shops lately, and added these 2 to our collection-

The "Family Guy" special is a very funny, cheeky, Star Wars spoof. And "Big"? Classic 80's comedy, great family movie. It is not always easy to find current movies suitable for younger kids and teens, but there are plenty of 80's & 90's classics that foot the bill.
More great coat hangers, although the kids claimed them - 2 each, sonI have only ended up with one, and not the neon one either, I got the 2nd from the top one with the flower on it.

But the ultimate find on this particular shopping trip was this amazing find-

White Gandalf and Saruman action figures, big hit with the teenager! ( had to take a photo and check if he wanted them first - " yes of course Mum!", and break out my emergency $10 to buy them!).

* PS big HI to Lucy - small world huh!

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