Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The latest scoop - hot off the press!

Couldn't resist that title! I was putting some washing away the other day, straightening up my tee shirt drawer- and discovered I have made 9 "Scoop" tee shirts, from the wonderful free pattern from the "skirtastop" blog.
9 is an odd number, so when I found a remnant of stripe fabric left over from my first Mandy tee, I had just enough to cut out one more scoop!
Because you can never have enough stripey tee shirts!

Yes I still need to thread in the ends, and top stitch the neckline, but I wanted to snap a pic straight away before I forgot!

And while I had the overlocker out, I made a couple of mini heat packs - just the right size to drape around a sore neck when needed. I think I need one today - not for a sore neck, but for warmth - it is absolutely freezing here today, such a contrast after the weekend. Have barely ventured outside today, other than for another little craft project - more on that next post!


  1. Very busy. Definitely needed those here today! Do you place wheat or lavender in your heat packs?

    1. Wheat - and I thought I had run out & had to fill one heat pack with the chook's wheat, then I remembered there was a bag of wheat bought specifically for wheat bags! I have a mini wheat/ lavender bag I pop under my pillow when I have trouble sleeping, Unfortunately our lavender bush has just about died off - must plant some cuttings!- so don't have any lavender at the moment.


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