Monday, 19 September 2016

And a bag to carry the knitting in too...

The thing with knitting blankets is that they get a bit big to carry around after a while! Plus when knitting stripes there are several balls of wool on the go, which need to be carried around too. (Although that is assuming I am going anywhere other than the couch to knit!).
So a new bag was in order - based on the Grainline Studio "stow" bag, and made and reviewed on Thornberry recently.  I kind of deconstructed a plastic shopping bag for a pattern guide;  used the sewing method from my other bags/ fabric buckets; and used up some bits of home made & purchased bias binding trim.  In other words my usual " I think I can figure it out/ make it up as I go along" method.
The sides could have been sturdier- internal pockets on the short sides/ ends would have given the bag a bit more structure. But it stands up, it holds several balls of wool and a knitting project or two - it does the job it was made for!

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