Sunday, 11 September 2016

September far

Yesterday afternoon I took over the kitchen table to get some sewing done. I had previously cut out several tops, but had not had the chance to get the overlocker out for a while.
I sewed up 2 tops - another from my favourite new pattern (Butterick 3383) and a long sleeve tee.
I don't know what happened, but I seem to have cut out a couple of T's lately with the wrong pattern, the neck is just too big! Which is annoying as I love this colour. I am trying to remedy it with some creative tucks, but it is still a work in progress!


  1. Looking good. Love the fabrics.
    I can feel your frustration! Hope you find a solution - would a band in the same fabric help?

  2. Trouble is I cut it out a while back so not sure where the offcuts are now!


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