Sunday, 2 October 2016

Other things to make with mars bars...

I just couldn' t resist grabbing a couple more $1 mars bars at the supermarket the other day. I had promised the kids I would make a cheesecake in the holidays, so I thought - why not a mars cheesecake?
I had made one from a recipe before, but it had a melted mars syrup and extra syruppy stuff on top, and was really rather too sweet, even for me! So instead I just used the basic Philly cheesecake recipe I cobbled together from several version in the Philly cookbooks ( found on a front fence last year with a note saying " please take"!!!
  I chopped 2 mars bars into smallish pieces- not easy as they are sooo sticky- and added them to the mix. Grated chocolate on top to finish, super easy, super yum!


  1. This looks yummy! Love mars bars - years ago that was my choice of breakfast food! Don't tell my kiddos!

  2. Breakfast, really?!? I don' t think I could eat a whole one as is, much prefer them made into a dessert!


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