Thursday, 6 October 2016

School holiday roadtrip 2- the wildlife edition

We were pretty lucky with the weather when we were away, and so got to do a fair bit of walking, exploring, and nature spotting. We saw several lizards soaking up the sun, including some good sized skinks and young dragon (still need to research & confirm species). The dragon was a real sticky beak and appeared just as interested in watching us as we were in watching him!

The black birds were spotted at the park at Buchan Caves, they have curved beaks and distinctive red eyes, making it easy to identify them as Choughs.  

But the best of all was finding not one but 2 echidnas! The first ( lower photo) was just off the track near the Snowy River ( not sure what the area/ road was called, it was north past Buchan); and the second was walking across the grass at the Bairnsdale Archery & mini golf centre. It walked right past me as I filmed it, my own mini David Attenborough moment!!!


  1. How exciting seeing two echidnas! and you got a video:)

  2. Two echidnas! I haven't seen any for a while. (Wonder what they do in winter? Must do some reading to find out.) Your dragon is beautiful!


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