Thursday, 1 June 2017

Marvelous discs pt 2-

As promised, here are some ideas for using the marvel discs  - these are aimed at younger children/ preschoolers.
Muffin trays (and egg cartons)  are great for sorting and counting small items like buttons, mini pom poms, coins or discs

Try a simple stacking activity- which one is taller? 
Can you make yours the same?
How tall can you stack before it falls over! With younger children make sure you use lots of words to match your actions-" up up up" "oh no it is wobbly" " the tower is getting taller and taller".
Try building too- who can make the longest "train"? Let"s make a big, tall monster! Can you help me make one the same?

Next time- maths ideas!

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