Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Marvelous discs pt 1

Ok so I know this blog is supposed to be about craft & stuff, but sometimes I like to take a creative detour. You may have guessed from the title what today's detour is about- yes those collectible plastic discs from Woolies. 

With both my boys in high school I thought we were over collecting the latest " collectible" novelty from the supermarket, so  at first I was saying "no thanks" to the discs.  Then I decided to collect some and give them to my friend as "rewards" for her grade 3/4  students. I hadn't even opened a packet to see what the discs actually looked like, I assumed they were thin plasticy cardboard pieces, something like tazos ( another  collecting craze from years ago!).

It was only when I saw some discs during a home visit for work, that I realized how solid they were, and that they were buildable.  They remind me of a toy which I think used to come in the cereal box ( showing my age here I know!), which was made by the Australian Jigsaw toy company.  I have a box of jigsaw "daisy" shapes bought when my kids were at playgroup,  a set of simple plastic shapes which slot together- exactly like the marvel discs! *
Suddenly I thought of all the teaching activities I could use the discs for, so I started collecting them for myself! And thanks to friends, family and workmates who have added to my collection, I have ended up with quite a few! I bought a storage tin for $1 at Woollies today, and with some cardboard dividers made from a cereal box, managed to fit them all in the tin.
Here is my collection so far- stay tuned for lots of ideas on how to use them  for a range of teaching activities.
( *seriously until tonight I had only looked at the colours and had not looked at the pictures on the discs, apparently some are rare and worth real money!)


  1. I don't shop at Woolies, so was unaware of these disks. But they do look like a toy we had many many many years ago.

  2. I remember the toys too! I don't shop at woolies either but have seen them popping up on social media for ridiculous amounts of money so parents can keep their kiddos happy. Have fun playing.


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