Sunday, 11 February 2018

Comfy cushions

Still catching up on holiday sewing posts (not that I did very much!). I finally made some new covers for the cushions on the couch. 

 I had made a couple of new covers about 2 years ago, and then not got any further! The old ones were looking a bit faded, plus the fabric ( polyseter peach skin or somesuch)  although soft is kind of weird to touch, particularly on a hot day!
So I grabbed some fabrics from the stash and whipped up a couple of simple envelope back covers.

This fabric started life as a pillow case, cut up to make a quilt ( and a couple of pieces used for a patchwork cushion cover). Plus the back ended up with a pleasing pattern too!

Quilt scrap cushion made last year.

This next one was an experiment, after taking some screenshots from a craft book review online ( but I can't remember which book!). The fabric was really too thick to use, but I'm pleased with the final result- if you don't look to closely!
Mind you it is not particularly comfy to lean on as it is sooo bumpy with the thick ridges!!!

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