Sunday, 16 August 2020

a little birdie told me...

Back in 1991 I bought this WW "Handmade" magazine. One of the projects in it that caught my eye was the page of fabric budgies! 
Fast forward to the present day, and I remembered these cute little birds. I had never gotten around to making one before, but thought it would be perfect  to make for a birthday gift for a friend who loves native birds! 
My light box came in handy to trace the pattern from the magazine, and again to trace the pattern and markings on to calico.
Markings were easily done with a fabric texta ( would you belive I have a pack from IKEA? 
Blue paint next, then let it dry before cutting out. While it was drying I whipped up a couple of masks in some Dr Who fabric for another friend who had a birthday the day before!
The painted fabric was ok to sew, but tricky to turn right side out, as the paint made it slightly tacky/ grippy.
The beak and cere were "painted" with the fabric paint pens I won in a craft pack at the Craft and Quilt show a couple of years ago.
The trickiest bit was making the feet/ legs - the instructions were quite vague overall- and I had to stitch the legs in place because it kept moving and the bird just could not stand up. 
I am super happy with how he turned out! And he was the perfect present! 
Think I might spend all of next weekend making budgies!


  1. WOW looks amazing! Just like the real thing.

  2. Must add it was great to bump into you at the supermarket.

    1. So lovely to see you too! such a nice surprise! Makes you realise and appreciate all those everyday things we took for granted before - face to face conversation with someone in the “ outside world” !

  3. That is so cute! Worth hanging on to a magazine for nearly 30 years.

  4. Those budgies are so cute! What a great gift idea.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. Thanks Katie! I am quite chuffed with them, have already had a work colleague order 2 which I posted up to Sydney for a birthday gift.


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