Friday, 4 September 2020

budgie business

The new flock of budgies! Sorry the pictures have posted in reverse order - starting with the finished birds and going backwards in the process to the initial painting!

Sewing is tricky with the tiny tail piece - because of the fabric paint the pieces stick slightly, which makes turning the tail right side out quite tricky! I end up using my jewellery pliers, and also sewing with the Teflon foot on the machine, as shown.  

Blue budgie bits painted, cut out ready to sew. I am experimenting with different ways of shaping the tail, seems silly to cut out 2 small pieces when they are going to be sewn into one rectangle anyway!

6 birds ready to sew.

Birdie bits traced, painted and hanging up to dry. The tricky bit is drawing the face on the yellow head - I can’t trace it on the light box so have to draw it freehand.


  1. Super cute! Looks like you are doing a great job free hand on the yellow face. Have you tried the technique where you use a grey lead pencil on the reverse and re trace from the top? Kind of like creating your own graphite paper. Hope that description makes sense! Hope you have a great weekend planned.

    1. I remember tracing pictures in school with that method! I actually think I have some carbon paper somewhere, that might come in handy if I can find it!


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