Thursday, April 10, 2014

Loom craft

Look what my clever nearly -eleven-year-old niece has been making -

Rainbow rubber band craft seems to have taken over primary schools everywhere! I even saw some dropped bands on the ground in the yard at Victorian College for the Deaf when I was there for a meeting last week, which must be extra tricky for the kids there to sign and make bands at the same time, flying fingers indeed!
I thought there must be a book out - 'cos all the youtube videos the kids are watching are chewing through our download! - and luckily found this one locally at Collins Books on Puckle St., Moonee Ponds yesterday. I found it via Amazon first, all the reviews were good, then checked the Collins website, because we were heading over that way anyway. And they had it in stock! I ended up buying 3 copies! ( for friends etc)
Great activity for kids -boys and girls, got to appreciate anything that gets them thinking and creating! Plus with this constant rain at the moment, it is a terrific indoor activity! And me - I have got some sewing done lately, but keep forgetting to take photos!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

More comfy/practical skirts!

I have been practically living in my first stretch denim skirt, so I made a couple more. Brown stretch drill from GJ's, and the bright one is a remnant from Rathdown Rems. Ok, so I have only worn the "fiery giraffe" print once or twice (really can't get away with that brightness too often!), but the brown is on high rotation with the blue denim. I cut out & sewed a black denim one too, but tried too hard... I used a nice grey print for the pockets, but forgot that the cotton fabric doesn't stretch, so it is a bit snug! Will have to unpick and replace the print with the stretch denim.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Op shop finds

So I gave myself 15 minutes for a quick detour to the op shop last Friday. What a bonus to see the "50% off everything" sign up! What did I buy? A skirt to try and make into a Sorbetto top; purple and yellow fabric - school colours!- to make into bunting for school events; vintage sewing pattern for summer dress with pockets; and also a little people toy boat for work. All for under $5!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

The MOST comfy and practical skirt EVER!

Reading about the Grainline Moss skirt on various blogs lately, especially Beccasaurus' description of the non flappy front pockets, got me thinking. I love a pocket, but have never ventured to make more then a patch pocket. Time to be brave and make proper pockets in a skirt! So using a combination of these 2 patterns -

I drafted a pattern to make this denim skirt. Which has pretty much gone on high rotation ever since! So pleased with the pockets! I can carry my phone, keys, pen etc. - super handy for work, and especially for school pick up- I don't need to carry a bag, like I do with most of my other skirts!
I used the idea from the Moss to attach the internal pocket lining into the front seam so they don't flap about.

But I didn't put in a zip - I opted for the comfort factor of a "yoga waitband". And yes, I have tried it out and worn the skirt ALL DAY - like 8 in the morning until bed time! And it well and truly passes the comfy test. Skirt is made from stretch denim, which also contributes to the ultra wear-ability. So I have 2 more cut out ready to be made, and plans for more. I will see how I go getting some sewing time in today before I have to go to out this afternoon!

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Finishing some UFO's

This bag has been in the UFO pile since last year. Free pattern from"Pepermint" magazine, called "market bag" I think. It was almost all finished, just needed putting together and the handle put on, always the tricky bit. And as it was, I'm sure I followed the instructions right, but the handle was upside down first time around, so I had to re do it. It is quite roomy, a good handy size for a bit of shopping, but because it sits quite flat tucked under my arm, it doesn't look or feel like a big bag. The bottom half is green vinyl from Rathdown Remnants, the top half a scrap of fabric found at from Reverse Garbage, no idea about the lining, something from the stash!

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vintage vinnies store Sydney Rd - opens tomorrow

There is a brand new Vinnies set to open tomorrow, Sydney Road Brunswick, opposite Barkley Square, just around the corner from Wilson St.
Window display looked great, lots of vintage furniture, clothing and kitchenware! ( but I forgot to take a photo!). Can't wait to check it out!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

A skirt or two!

Managed to get a bit of sewing done last weekend, trying to work through a few items from the UFO pile. These two needed waistbands to finish -

Put them together last year, then didn't quite finish them. This one is new ( and needs a final tweak to the hem before wearing), inspired by a similar stripey skirt made by "Sew Brunswick" .

And there is still more to come! (Making up for all that time my overlocker sat unopened in its box!)

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