Thursday, 21 April 2011

Frankie at the Brunswick Library

Finally some craft!  Here is my diary cover which I finally got around to making about a month or so back.  I made it from denim, with a pocket from an old pair of kid's jeans (the other pocket is on my Babushka jeans bag), and the cassette/boom box print fabric is actually a "bandana day" Canteen bandana, bought last year just for the print.  Buttons are a Birch set from Spotlight. Very 80's/ retro styled (do kids these days even know what a cassette is???)

I discovered "Frankie" magazine about 18 months ago, and have been buying and reading it ever since.  I can't stand most magazines full of hollywood gossip, and I especially hate anything to do with people who are famous just for being rich bimbos who slept with some other rich bimbo or d-grade actor. AARRGGHH!!!  Why do people aspire to be rich and thick? That description is fine for chocolate sauce, but not for people! Anyway, Frankie is the antithesis of those mags - it is smart, witty, arty, thought-provoking.  AND "Made in Moreland" are celebrating all things Frankie with a free talk at the Brunswick Library on Wednesday 4th May. 7:30pm.

The frankie story
7.45 pm Wednesday 4 May
Brunswick Library

frankie magazine recently celebrated its 40th issue and has quietly been achieving cult-like status with its ‘nana-chic’ style and friendly attitude. As part of the Talks on Moreland series, hear how local girl Jo Walker became involved with frankie, first as a writer and later as editor, and how, together with founders Louise Bannister and Lara Burke and support from Morrison Media, they have nurtured frankie to become one of Australia’s fastest-growing magazines.

Bookings: 9389 8600

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