Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Next Monday...7:30

Just a quick note to remind everyone - craft group starts back next Monday 2nd May, 7:30 at the PO.  Love to see some new faces there - don't just read this, come along!  If you haven't got a craft project underway, or would love to learn a new one - come along! Plenty of crafty people, and new crafters too, we can all learn from each other, or at least get out of the house and enjoy some fun company!!!
PS I have booked 2 spots at the Brunswick library next Wednesday for the "Frankie" presentation - anyone want to come and keep me company?

Oh yeah - nearly forgot to say - click on the "Made in Thornbury" link on the right - I know the date looks old, but there is actually a market on this Saturday.  And also check out the fabulous article in the 'M' magazine in last Sunday's Age about local Melbourne craft markets!

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