Monday, 11 April 2011

Free to good home...

One slightly mad chicken, approx 14 months old. Good layer, quiet with children, will eat out of your hand and tolerate a pat or to be picked up. Only vice  -  she doesn't like other chickens. 
 We had one chook last year, and got 2 more in March 2010, the older one Bessie (the smartest chicken in the world that one!) died in December.  Got 2 new girls last month, and this mad one (actually it may not be her in the photo, there were twins) named Molly, decided to attack the new girls.  Not just your normal little peck to show who is boss, but full on 'jump on their back and try to peck their eyes out' attacking.  So she is now living in the guinea pig hutch. We have tried putting her back with the others (who are all getting on famously now), or letting them all run around the back yard together, but she still goes the new girls every time she sees them.  And we still can't go and buy the much awaited guinea pigs.  
So... anyone want a pet chook?

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  1. I am trying to reunite a lost pet canary that I found in the West Coburg area with its owner. If anyone knows of someone who lost a canary on or before Wed April 20, please contact me. I don't want to put my email or phone number on the web, but you can find a form, as well as more info, on my blog:


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