Friday, 27 July 2012

Another week gone...

Another week gone again, I swear I go to bed Tuesday, wake up and it is Friday! Where does it go??? Still no sewing getting done, plenty of thinking & planning & occasionally even cutting out... "here's on I prepared earlier" should be the caption here, made another mondrian patch skirt a week or two before the school holidays. Purple. black & grey this time, again all done on the overlocker. I cut out the centre front  ( actually the end piece on the left side) a couple of inches wider this time, which seems to sit better/gape less! Skirts are tricky to photograph when you are wearing them!
4 of us at the PO Monday night, hoping to double that next time - 6th August- and meet at the PO Cafe which is mush bigger & brighter.
PS the boys have talked about getting up at 5am tomorrow to watch the opening ceremony, I have informed them that if they do so I will kill them! Or at least be very sleep deprived, cranky & snappy with them for the rest of the weekend! And be too tired to drive even the sewing machine, making me even CRANKIER!!!  ( I refuse to drive the car if I have had less then 4 hours continuous sleep)
PPS went to the Craft Show yesterday, must take some pics of my finds - 5cm bias binding maker YAY, quilting ruler- finally! + new blades for the rotary cutter, and BEST OF ALL - STAR WARS FABRIC. Awesome!!!

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