Wednesday, 11 July 2012

We had a couple of days out of town, our annual weekend holiday with 4 other families. We all have a child in grade 6 this year - we got together when the kids were at 4 year old kinder together.
Loved the rocks, the weather (we were sooooo lucky, it was cold but sunny!), the bushwalks, and the kangaroos that were everywhere (you had to be careful walking around the caravan park of an evening,  a couple of times we rounded a corner & nearly tripped over a 'roo.).

One family weren't quite so lucky, they hit a roo 15 mins out of Halls Gap as they arrived on Friday night. Lucky it was only a small one, so not too much damage to the car. But of course not so good for the roo either. But it was magical to be able to quietly walk up to within about 3 metres of a couple of grazing roos - close enough to hear them chewing! I'm sure the caravan park managers don't really need to mow the grass - it is grazed constantly by the roos!
We walked into town  with the kids (there are 9 altogether) on Sunday evening for some hot chips, and came across this mum & joey. There is something very endearing about the little joey popping its head out of the pouch, and munching along with its mum! We saw another one earlier who really looked far too big to fit in the pouch any more, but he was still trying!. Can't you just imagine the kangaroo mum saying "look sweetie, you are just too big ...  don't you think you are getting too old for that...and you are so NOT getting in with those great big, muddy feet anyway.... you never tidy your room....!!!"

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