Saturday, 30 June 2012

craft markets- quick review

Last Sunday I dropped in to the North Melbourne craft market, after I saw in The Age that it was on. I hadn't been for a year or so, and the Age gave it a great write up, saying it was the best market for handmade & vintage or somesuch. So I had a look, for 22 minutes. Yep, after coughing up the $2 entry fee (what is with that, does it go to a charity/cover the venue hire???), when I check my watch, I had seen the lot in 22mins. With out rushing. Including a brief chat with the nice lady at the recycled-t-shirts-made-into-rugs-fair-trade-giving-women-a-job-in-a-developing-country stall (ok, that would have been soooo much easier if I had've picked up their card!).
There was the usual ho-hum hair clips (sorry, but I have seen too many of these at sooo many other craft markets), some ok-but-not-me jewellery, and lots of overpriced  former op shop clothes. Basically a market for hipsters, judging by the rest of the punters there. But the BEST of vintage? C'mon AGE writers, I know it is only on once a year, but you can not beat the Finders Keepers Market for recycled/upcycled/new/vintage!
Today I had a  chance to duck into  the Northcote Winter Artisans Market (it is on again next Sat. & well worth a look ). It was only a quick look as we were on our way across town for lunch, but I could have stayed for ages. So many lovely, clever, gorgeous things to see!  Loved the sister outlaws re-sew-cool craft kits, and just lost the last half hour or so perusing their website/blog/links. Tea cup candles were lovely too, and I could just smell them through my stuffed up nose. The stall holder there was telling us how one amazing fruity banana/pineapple  candle (like  when you first open a bag of jelly beans I thought!) was  actually called  "monkey farts" but she thought that was silly & not nice! I said it was from the kids' joke  Q.What is invisible & smells like bananas? A. Monkey farts!
As in the one my kids used to say Q. what is invisible & smells like carrots? A. Bunny farts.
I say used to tell this joke... because now we have a bunny, we can confirm that this is not at all true! No carrot smell, just .... smelly bunny smell!!!

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  1. I tend to wonder if they just print the information that the PR gave them rather than actually visit the market? Disappointing that they charged you $2 for that!


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