Sunday, 17 June 2012

That rabbit...

Ok, her name actually is Merlyn, but I think she gets called "That rabbit" more often really, because she can be so naughty & cheeky! Last night I couldn't stand the dusty smell of the litter tray anymore, so I dragged her out, trapped her under a laundry basket & changed the litter to a new brand I had bought. WELL that didn't go down too well, she refused to go downstairs at all! (the hutch has  2 ramps and  2 upper levels)
We left her there overnight, and this morning she was still a pissed off bunny! No sooner had I said "well you will have to go down there and  pee sometime" than the cheeky bugger peed on the 1st floor platform instead!
In the end I tempted her with food treats and a large piece of broccoli stem, & she finally came down! Who would have thought something so cut could be so damned obstinate!!!

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