Friday, 22 June 2012

More fete sewing...

These are just a few from the MASSIVE pile of granny squares I found at the op shop last year.  I sewed a square of felt on to one to use as a coaster at home, & after seeing a set of 4  felt backed granny's  selling for $28 at the Finders Keepers a while back, I thought we might as well make some for the school craft stall.
I have been re-purposing a few old pairs of jeans too, photos yet to come ( when I remember to take some!). But for now I am off to bed, exhausted after the school disco tonight - it was a HUGE hit! Tigerboy fell over 5 minutes in, had a few tears but then kept on dancing for the next hour and a half. But once he got home, turned on the tears  (boy that kid can act!) insisting the ankle was BROKEN and must be taken to the hospital now because he CAN'T walk anymore. Didn't stop him DANCING earlier  though did it!  
PS finally got my hair cut today, & dropped in to GJ's to chat about bunnies with Georgie. Well I can't go to Angela T's ( hairdressers)  in  Lygon st Bruns & not go across the road can I? I only bought a little bit of fabric....

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