Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I feel the earth move under my feet..

Whoa, how about that earth tremor tonight? I was drying the dishes, and suddenly the pots & pan on the stove top started to rattle, then the panty, fridge, rabbit hutch - I was waiting for the sound of the police helicopter buzzing low overhead ( it makes our house rattle & the little tv on the fridge goes on the blink), but no - just rattling & shaking. The kids came running out a bit scared - with the Jedikid now sleeping in the high bed above his brother, they felt the shake quite a bit!
 Nothing on the net at first, but lots of people calling in to ABC 774 confirmed what we had all felt! It was SOOOO weird, scary & exciting all at the same time! Like  being next to the washing machine in the spin cycle! I hope the chooks didn't get shaken off their perch! Of course the killer rabbit didn't even bat an eyelid. But at least she has finally got over her aversion to the new litter!

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