Monday, 23 July 2012

Crafting this week

Yes there has actually been some sewing, knitting &  general crafty stuff happening here...Last week I made a dog for my nephew's birthday. I think it is the first thing I have actually made from the "Softies" books. I have been wanting to make one for the Jedikid, but he always says he doesn't like it because he doesn't like the face on the photo in the book. So I made the face different to the pattern for my nephew ... and of course the J kid liked this one & now he wants one of his own, typical!!!
Last weekend I relieved our lemon tree of 12 1/2 kg of lemons! My H was fantastic in coming up with lots of " lemon maths" for the boys to do - weighing the lemons a couple at a time on the kitchen scales, adding up the totals, calculating the average weight of the lemons; then a guessing competition to try and figure out  which - if any- lemon was closest to the "average"!!!
  Enjoying the glorious sunshine on the weekend, we visited the Flemington market yesterday & got to  meet Ms Curlypops, and Beccasauras - although it turns out, (thanks to Bec's very impressive good memory), I actually met her last year  through work! Small world huh!
See you at craft group tonight - hope you can come along! Meanwhile I just have time to duck down to Spotlight before 3:30, to replace my craft glue  (why does the last bit in the bottle always go tacky & you can't use it???) & use my $5 scratchie!

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  1. It was so lovely to finally meet you in person Dianne. Such a weirdly small world!


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