Monday, 8 October 2012


In the few lovely sunny days we had in the school holidays, I did manage to get my pushy out and go for a ride - for the first time in ages! Must try and do it more often!

Pop over here to see some brilliant crafty people. I have been wondering what goes on over at the Harvest Workroom, Lygon St Brunswick when I have walked past there. And thanks to a tip off from the Brunswick Brown Owls, now I know! ( and I want to go and do a screen printing course there... like  I need  yet another craft to get into!).  I might try and pop along to the Brown Owls this Wednesday night, usually can't get there because it is the same week as our Coburg craft group, or it is school council meeting night. Anyone else like to come along?


  1. I'm telling you - you really DO need another craft under your belt - at least if it's screenprinting. IT'S A BIT ADDICTIVE.

  2. I know., I know....once I get through this year and the school fete maybe!


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