Sunday, 14 October 2012

tomorrow night at the PO

Craft group is on again tomorrow night, 7:30 at the PO cafe on Sydney Road.
Sorry I can't post any photos at the mo' - the computer memory is chockers so can't load any new photos on, tried to use the iPad but need to load an app 1st & can't do that til we upgrade the ios which we can't do 'cos the computer memory is, as I said, chockers! AARRGGHHHH!!!!

But if you pop over to the Brunswick Brown Owls facebook page, there are some photos of me and my latest creation! Melinda & I went along to the owls group last Wednesday, a lovely bunch of very crafty people, making a wide range of amazing creations! I can't get to their next meet on the 24th due to a work commitment, but I would recommend  for anyone else to go along!

PS. Managed to get to the church fete, Oak Park PS fete and the Brunswick kinder fete yesterday! Lots of gorgeous crafty goodness at the kinder. And lots of very cute bunnies at the church fete's animal farm.  Not to mention the goats, I would sooooo love a pet goat!, always had a soft spot for them!!! Wonder if  I could fence off the lane way and keep one out there, maybe.....would make our backyard farm complete I reckon!

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