Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Good Morning! The boys have had a weekend with their grandparents & cousin on the other side of town, first time we have had a weekend without them EVER! We went out to dinner, and out to lunch twice while they were away, plus had a nice stroll down High St Northcote, wandering in & out of shops without having to drag the kids along! Should do this more often really....
They are back home now, and sitting in their jammies playing their new Dr Who monopoly game.  (and how BRILLIANT was the Christmas special, with the return of "souffle girl"!!!)
They let the bunny out for a run, but she kept trying to chew on the board & run off with cards & things, so she was  soon put back in her box again!
No major holiday plans - just lots of reading (bought "Just my type" in Northcote the other day, very amusing & fascinating history of fonts, their development & influence  etc.); catching up on recorded tv; hopefully some sewing!; hanging out with the family; SORTING LEGO & mega cleaning up our house!!! And going to Brickvention later in January of course!

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