Saturday, 26 January 2013

My brilliant craft idea #1

You know what it is like, you buy several lengths of fabric, bring it home, wash it, fold it, put it away.... Then when you go looking for it, is the piece of denim here the good $15 metre one for the skirt you were going to make, or is it the $3 remnant to make a shopping bag with? Or do you look at the fabric and go "hmmm...I'm sure I had a specific project I bought this for, but cannot for the life of me remember it now". Sound familiar?
This problem has bugged me for a while, til the solution came to me when I bought a few remnants/ pre cut lengths from GJ's recently. I love the little hand written labels stapled on, describing the size & type of fabric. How to replicate this I thought...ah ha- use scraps of rubber backed curtain lining fabric! I have always got some on hand for backing magnet closures in bags, making labels on kids clothes & toys etc. It doesn't fray, you can write on it with a pen, & it's washable.
So I copied the info from the paper tag onto the curtain stuff, safety pinned it to the fabric, then washed, folded, and stored the fabric! Genius! Even my sister thought is was a great idea, she had the same problem, buying fabric for a specific make,and then coming back months later & not knowing which is which!

***Oops sideways picture - but at least ( thanks to finding the BlogPress app) I can finally take photos and post from the iPad!!!!

Happy hottest 100 day!

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  1. I love that idea! It would also be great to keep a track of the fabric content.

    1. Thanks Cam! Just wish I had've thought of it year ago!


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