Monday, 25 August 2014

Crafting part 2

Here is the finished product- 2 "Minecraft" themed terrariums. They were made for birthday gifts, and both were big hits!

The one on in the top, close up pic, was delivered to the birthday girl yesterday- we took it to her house yesterday evening, rather than risk carrying it to the party! This resulted in some entertaining guesses from the birthday girl, who decided the gift must be either "alive, fragile or large" ( her mum knew what it was and was very amused by the guesses!). And she was very happy with her gift, apparently she had recently said she would like a terrarium, so it was perfect timing! I think I might try and make some more, maybe a " mad man in a blue box" theme for the next one...

PS craft group "Makers and Menders" is on this Wednesday night, 7pm at RRNH.

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