Monday, 1 September 2014

Twin needled t shirts!

I cut out several t shirts the weekend before last, overlocked them last Monday, but only finished one ready to wear...

And I have worn it several times since! It is a modified Peppermint magazine free pattern, " jersey knit top" ; with the neckline from the top in the Simplicity 5867 pattern (50c from an op shop, great pattern with t shirt, pants and zip jacket). The skirt is my mega comfy denim skirt with pockets & yoga waist ( I cut out 2 more of these today, yes I do love my pockets!), necklace also "me made" - I call this one the very hungry caterpillar because that's what the green beads remind me of!
I finished off 1 more t shirt today - a "skirt as top " scoop t shirt. I needed to finish of the neck band and sleeves, so after a helpful chat with Helen at craft group last week, I decided to be brave and try the twin needle today-

Yay! Amazing, I am very pleased with the result. Even if it did jam and break the thread smack bang in the centre of the front of the shirt! Hopefully not too noticeable... Pink was easy to do because I just happened to have a nearly empty roll of pink and a brand new one in the same colour. I will definitely be using the twin needle again!

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