Monday, 6 October 2014

Dr Who in stitches

I haven't done cross stitch for about...maybe twenty years! But there was a birthday party on the weekend for a Dr Who fan, and as it was a " special" birthday, I figured a special gift was required. So I searched on line for ideas, took a screen shot of a cross stitch someone else had made ( also for a birthday gift I think), enlarged the pic, tinkered around with some graph paper and coloured pencils, and started stitching!
But as is often the case when making a gift, it was finished at the last minute, quickly wrapped and ready to go - I and forgot to take a photo of it finished and framed!

***Menders and makers craft group is on this Wednesday night at RRNH, Made'n' Thornbury Craft market this Friday 4-9pm.
This Saturday is the St Albans church fete, Reynard St Coburg.

Finders keepers craft market is at the Royal Exhibition Building 17-18 October.

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