Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Chicken love

We have 2 chooks at the moment, one "new girl" Lily, the only surviving "baby" from January, and Amy, who is about 3 years old I think. We let them out in the garden on the weekend, I have to fence them off now the veges are planted, or they would dig everything up!
They still have a fairly big grass area beside the shed to explore, plenty of grass and weeds to eat. But no, they both wanted to be in the same little patch of bare dirt next to the bunny hutch, both having a dirt bath. They were in there for ages, and had such a lovely tine that when they were back in their run hours later, I they had a thorough preen, then sat on their perch "purring".

You can see the dirt all over their backs and wings! They step on each other, and kick dirt over each other (and all through the bunny hutch & her water bowl too!). Happy hens indeed!


  1. They love a dust bath, don't they?

    Thanks for the thoughts on my blog about rabbits and their ability to hop over straw bales!


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