Sunday, 1 November 2015

Hand made halloween

Even though we have had the invitation for weeks and weeks (and just how cool is this for a party invitation?! - pickled eye ball in a jar!)

as usual it was a bit of a last minute "Mum can you make me...?" costume drama in our house this week. Well, actually we did have some plans, the Jedi Kid had his outfit planned since an op shop trip in the school holidays yielded this- and a white dress shirt.

Although I don't think he actually wore this, since I made this mitt for his outfit instead -

I came up with my plan last week, found a skirt at the op shop, cut and painted a white mask from Spotlight, and added a flower headband from the 40% off table also at Spotlight.

Tigerboy took a bit longer to decide, but a quick look through 2 oppies, Savers, and Super Cheap fabrics in Sydney Rd late this week, provided a $1 black shirt, $4 vest and the perfect " bright coloured animal print fabric" ( who knew that would prove to be the hardest thing to find?). Walking back to the car park, I passed a bargain shop with $2 plastic masks out front, I tore the black fabric from around it, cut to make a bit smaller, painted and turned into this half mask ( original on left, new version on right)

An up- past-midnight sewing session had the jacket/ vest and tie made-

I wasn't sure about sewing around the lapel, and kind of used the pin-it-try-it-on- then-cut method (inspired by the cartoon in Susan Boynton's chocolate book about how to make a giant chocolate rabbit - "get a giant block of chocolate and chip away any bits that aren't rabbit- ish").

For the shirt - I suddenly remembered, " hang on, you do know how to sew, you do understand basic garment construction" DUH! So I traced around the black shirt and basically made a front, back, and brand new sleeve from pink animal print flanelette from Spotlight.
Then I cut the black sleeve off from the inside, cut the cuff off the other sleeve (it was a women's shirt with 3/4 length sleeves) and reattached some of the other sleeve, to make it a full length sleeve. Then I quickly made brand new button holes on the pink side, so it was a proper " male" shirt ( why oh why are men's & women's shirts still made with buttons on different sides,as if women still have servants dressing them!?! But men of course are able to do their own buttons up!). Anyway -

Shirt and jacket together - oh, and the tie too!

Funnily enough, while writing this I am watching a doco- movie on SBS2 about Comic Con - featuring people making and wearing their cos-play costumes! I reckon we are all set for Aus Comic Con next year!

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  1. WOW what great costumes.

  2. Thanks! Really pleased that is worked out ok ( and that it got worn at the party, he was a bit partied out after a non- sleeping sleep over the night before and nearly piked it!)


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