Monday, 26 October 2015

Fete finds and a garden update..

I managed to get to 2 fetes on Saturday- the church near my house had their annual fete on in the morning, then we travelled across town to my neice's school fete for the afternoon. Some kitchen goodies from the church fete-

Balsamic onion relish, red pepper relish and quince jelly (of course!) plus a sweet pot holder which caught my eye.
And some craft books -

2 near new Usbourne craft books, I will probably give to a friend's daughter, and a classic children's sewing book from 1970. I rather like the ghost hand puppet, and the elephant cushion (shown in bottom right corner).
2 origami books for Tigerboy- who gets the urge to try origami every now & then, & the house gets overtaken with interesting origami creations!

Can't you just tell this one was published in 1984?!

The loud fabrics, the Princes Di hair cut, the wide sleeves...

And a few new cookbooks, the combined haul from both fetes-

Yes, there are 3 chocolate recipe books! I have already made a chocolate muesli slice yesterday, from the "Best Ever" book. The "Simply Heaven" book contains "75 Philadelphia recipes for lovers of Cadbury chocolate" - what a delicious combination!

Remember the seedlings I planted a couple of weeks ago? The lettuce are growing well, and the spinach is ready to pick and eat!

The snow peas did not fare so well, as one tub was attacked by birds digging in the fresh soil. I had put wire around the boxes but not covered in the top, so one tub was untouched, but only 2 seedlings survived in the second tub. So I have now planted a tommy toe tomato (also bought at the church fete) in there. Now I need to look up some recipe ideas to decide on the dinner menu for this week, might try out some of the baby spinach leaves!


  1. I used to have that 1984 book. Bought it new, sometime in the 80s... Don't know where it is now, though. Maybe it is here, packed in a box somewhere.

    1. Amazing! The sewing tips in the back are quite good, and a couple of patterns might be ok - in a different fabric of course!

  2. Those are some brilliant finds!

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

  3. Great finds. I must admit I have the "my learn to sew book" which my mum passed to me in 1975, she has a note inside from 1965! A few of the recipe books look familiar to - mum had heaps and I passed a lot of those on.
    Garden is looking great to. I must take some pics of mine I have had to replant a few things too.


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