Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Yet another Scoop! ( and another dog & cat)

I know, I know, I think this might be number 11! But I have tweaked the pattern again, this time with a bit less of the " scoop" neckline, and a longer sleeve ( sleeve length dictated by the size of the fabric off cut!).

I think this is one of my favourites! The fabric was a lucky find during a school holiday trip to the Preston market with my sister & the kids (her 2 & my 2). We had a quick wander around the rest of the market, after a thorough look through the first 3 shops, particularly the cake decorating shop, with some serious searching for the perfect sized patty pan for baking muffins!
I had a super quick look as I walked past at the fabric stall, and spotted a box of $2 pieces of fabric. These 2 pieces were so different, but work together I think; and half a metre of each ( plus plain black I already had for the back) was just enough for a top. Plus there is plenty of the stripe left for another shirt or two!

And another treasure unearthed from on top of the piano - a photo of 2 of my childhood pets, Scamp the cat and Ben the dog. Ben looks quite grey in the muzzle and I can see the dark spot of skin cancer on Scamp's nose which eventually claimed his life. We had 2 cats - Scamp and his mother Fluffy; Ben ( Benjamin Brown was his full name, paying homage to his breed - anyone recognize what type of dog he is?); Fred & Chip the budgies, and a couple of rabbits named Honey Bunny ( 2 or 3 in succession); Tommy the turtle ( long necked tortoise); and some fish. There was also - briefly - a fox, and a ferret, but I never got my much longed for horse! Oh, and a wild blue tongued lizard who lived under the house, and used to come out and lie in the sun alongside the dog and both cats!

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  1. Great fabric finds, and beautiful animals. I don't know what sort of dog he is, though.

  2. I will have to look through an old photo album & find another photo of Ben the dog to post, might give you a better clue!


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