Sunday, 11 October 2015

A cat & a dog

CAT - I have found a new op shop recently, went there once when I drove past & saw it was open, bought a dress, a shirt and some great books. Took my 2 kids plus a friends' daughter ( lets call her Miss B) their in the school holidays & bought a shirt I had seen on the first trip, the kids all found some treasures too. Miss B bought 2 tops and a skirt for $5, and found a large grey t shirt with a funky cat print on it. The shirt was too big for her, but we all liked the print - so I said I could make it into a cushion for her.

You can see it was a quite large shirt! I used the a panel from the back of the shirt, plus the piece cut from below the print, to make an envelope closure for the back of the cushion, using the already hemmed edges of the shirt. Pretty happy with the result. Haven't caught up with Miss B yet to see if she approves!

DOG -I had to have a clean up on the study so we could FINALLY get the piano tuned. Among the weird and wonderful things on top of the piano (amongst a few framed family photos!) was this paper sculpture dog I made years ago. He sits about 40 cm high. Unfortunately his tail was nibbled by our previous rabbit; haven't shown him to the current pet rabbit, she will probably nibble on his tail as well, as she loves chewing cardboard!

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  1. I am sure Miss B will love the cushion. Very clever and resourceful.
    Love your dog too :)

  2. That cat cushion is marvellous! You've inspired me to keep an eye out for t-shirts with prints now - I could do with some cushions like that.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. So wish I had thought of the t shirt- to- cushion idea earlier, because I saw some cool t shirts at the same op shop the week before. But then again, maybe a "Goodies" cushion wouldn't quite work!


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